Why is my Zelle payment pending? (Review 2022)

Review and solutions on how to fix Zelle payment pending, cancel a pending transaction, refund money through Zelle and check payment status.

Today I will tell you that if you have made any kind of bill payment or money transfer to someone through the Zelle but that payment is pending or your money is debited but does not reach the recipient account then what should you do? And how do you get your money back?

Nowadays Zelle users are facing a lot of payment-related problems; even after transferring money to someone, the payment status shows pending or goes into processing or failed. Because of these problems, Zelle users want to cancel the payment and refund their money.

It does not matter whether your bank account is in Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CitiBank, or Chase bank while Zelle payment is pending.

Problems related to pending payments happen with almost all banks, even if it is the largest bank in America.


Zelle Payment Pending Review 2022

Zelle payment pending review, Zelle transaction pending

Zelle is a platform on which you can safely send and receive money to any US mobile number or email address. The sender and receiver must be enrolled on this app for any payment through the Zelle app to be completed.

What to do if a transaction is pending in Zelle?

Here are some tips to fix Zelle’s pending payment problem;

  • Confirm to the recipient once that his/her mobile number and email address are enrolled on Zelle.
  • Before sending a payment to anyone, be sure to check whether they are enrolled on the Zelle app.
  • If your payment status is still showing as pending, then check once if you have entered the phone number and email address of the recipients correctly.
  • Remember that the person you are sending the payment to through Zelle must be a US citizen.
  • Many times you have filled in all the details correctly, yet the transaction goes in pending. The reason for this is mostly technical errors or server-related issues. In this case, you need to call customer care support.
  • To contact Zelle customer support, you can call on 844-428-8542
  • To cancel a pending payment, you can click on ‘Cancel this payment’ on your Activity page within the Zelle experience.
  • Remember if the recipient is enrolled with Zelle then the transaction will be successful in a few minutes then you will not be able to cancel it.
  • By doing a transaction on any fake online bidding or sales site, payment can go into pending. These types of transactions carry high risk and Zelle also does not offer any protection program for any type of authorized payment so be careful with them.

Here are some common FAQs about Zelle’s pending payment review;

Why is my Zelle transaction pending?

The reason for the Zelle payment pending could be that you have entered the wrong mobile number or email id, your internet connection is slow or there is a technical fault in the bank account of the recipient.

So before making a payment to anyone, make sure that the person you are sending money to is enrolled in the Zelle experience, that the recipient has access to their mobile number and email address, and that their email and mobile are in working condition.

Also, the recipient’s mobile number and email address need to be American. Voice over IP (VOIP), landlines, and Google voice numbers of any kind are not eligible for money transfers through Zelle enrollment.

How to check the pending payment status in Zelle?

You can view the Zelle pending payment status for all recent or past transactions on your online mobile banking app or the Activity page of the Zelle app.

Apart from payment pending, there are many scenarios when your payment may get stuck like;

  • Payment goes on hold: When the sender fails the verification while making the payment, the chances of his payment going on hold are very high.
  • Payment is in Processing: If there is any problem in the system of the recipient then the payment made by the sender goes into processing and the Zelle payment status shows ‘in processing.
  • Payment failed: There may be some reasons for your payment failure- 1. The person to whom you are sending the payment may not be able to access his/her mobile number or email address. 2. You may have insufficient funds in your bank account. 3. Money sent by you may not be deposited in the bank account of the recipients. In all these situations Zelle’s payment may be failed. In case of payment failure, your money is refunded.
  • Payment stopped: If your Zelle payment is delayed then after the send date your payment is stopped and the money is returned to your bank account.
  • Payment expired: If the sender’s money is not successfully deposited in the receiver’s bank account for 10 days of the send date, then the status shows Zelle payment expired.
  • Payment completed: Status payment completed is displayed when your Zelle payment is completed.

How long does it take to receive money with Zelle?

How long does Zelle’s pending review take–

All the payments or money transfers made through Zelle are usually received by the recipient within a few minutes. But in some cases, it may take up to 3 days.

That means Zelle payment processing time is less than one minute and in some rare cases, it can be up to 3 days.

If the recipient is not fully enrolled in the Zelle app, a notification is sent to them to do so. When the payment has been deposited in your account, you are still sent a notification of “Payment has been sent”.

If the money does not reach the receiver’s account within a few minutes, then there could be some reasons like;

  • The recipient must not have fully completed the Zelle profile, meaning that he or she is not fully enrolled.
  • Your payment is transferred to the recipient’s account within 3 business days after the recipient has done everything right on their part.
  • If your payment is showing pending for a long time, then check once if you have not entered the wrong email address or mobile number or if there may be some technical error in the email and mobile of the recipient.

If you are still facing any such trouble related to the Zelle pending/delay transaction, then you can get help by calling the Zelle customer service team.

Also, you can visit their customer support page which is;


How to cancel a pending transaction on Zelle?

To cancel Zelle’s pending payment, go to the activity page and tap the payment you want to cancel, and click on ‘cancel this payment’ will cancel that payment.

But if you do not see the option to cancel the payment, then it means that your payment has been processed and you cannot cancel the payment until there is an update from your operator or bank account.

Someone sent me money on Zelle but I don’t see it

If you have sent payment to someone using Zelle but your money has not reached the recipient’s bank account, then it means that you have entered the wrong details.

If the money has been deducted from your account and has not reached the receiver’s account, then maybe your money reached the wrong person. But this can happen only if you have made a mistake while entering the recipient’s mobile number or email.

To avoid this type of problem, immediately after doing the transaction, contact the recipient whether the money has reached his account or not.

If you are facing such a Zelle pay troubleshooting error then contact their customer support.

Zelle transaction pending but money debited

If your Zelle payment shows pending and money has been debited from the sender’s account and not deposited in the receiver’s account, it only means that the recipient is enrolled with another bank account or credit union instead of registering on Zelle pay.

When a recipient tries to enroll on Zelle’s Android or iOS app, they see a message that says “You are already enrolled” but the problem is why the money doesn’t reach your account. That’s because you’re already enrolled with another bank account or credit union, and the person who sent you money is enrolled on Zelle pay. Due to this account mismatch, your Zelle payment status shows pending.

If the recipient’s account is already with a bank or credit union, then he/she will have to get his/her mobile number and email address removed from there first.

You will need to contact the customer support team at the bank or credit union with which you were previously enrolled to have your email and mobile removed.

Only after doing this can your money come into your bank account.

Must know this list of participating banks and credit unions with Zelle–

  • Wells Fargo
  • Chase bank
  • Bank of America
  • Citibank
  • Capital One
  • PNC bank

Chase Zelle payment pending review

If you are using Zelle through chase bank and your payment is pending then you have to know some useful points;

  1. You can use Zelle through the Chase mobile app or the official website.
    Chase bank customers do not have to pay any kind of charge for using Zelle, it is free.
  2. Chase customer does not have to pay charges for sending and receiving money but message and data rates apply to your service provider.
  3. If you have a chase business account, you can send up to $5000 in 1 day in a single transaction and $40,000 in a month.
  4. In the case of a pending transaction, if you want to cancel any zelle chase payment, you can go to the activity page and click on ‘cancel this payment.’

Wells Fargo Zelle payment pending review

If your Wells Fargo Zelle payment showing pending then the below Faq will be useful for you;

1. How long does a Wells Fargo Zelle transaction stay pending?

  • Zelle payment can take up to 3 days with wells Fargo and till then your transaction shows pending.

2. Why does Wells Fargo Zelle say pending?

  • Maybe you have entered the wrong U.S. mobile number and email address or the recipient is not enrolled with Zelle pay.

3. What time does Wells Fargo clear pending transactions?

  • On a business day, all your transactions are shown as pending till 8 PM Pacific Time, then on the same night, they go into processing before completion and are cleared at midnight.

4. Can I cancel a pending transaction with Wells Fargo?

  • You can cancel or stop Zelle payment through wells Fargo by online check and phone ACH items or by visiting a local branch or taking the help of a local banker.

Zelle payment pending review Bank of America

If your Bank of America Zelle payment showing pending then the below faq will be useful for you;

1. How long does Zelle’s pending review take Bank of America?

  • Until the Zelle pending payment processing, the bank of America can take up to 1-2 business days.

2. Can Bank of America reverse a Zelle transfer?

  • According to Zelle terms, you cannot reverse any payment at the time when the recipient is enrolled on Zelle because in such a case your payment is directly credited to the recipient’s bank account.

3. What is the Zelle limit for Bank of America?

  • BoA (Bank of America) Zelle’s daily fund limit is $2500 and the monthly limit is $20000.

4. How does Zelle work with Bank of America?

  • In Bank of America net banking, Zelle works like an online mobile app through which you can easily do money transactions.

5. Is Zelle safe with Bank of America?

  • Zelle is a completely safe platform through which you can send and receive money in the Bank of America app.

Zelle Pending Payment Screenshots

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FAQ’s About Zelle Pending Payment Review

Is there any limit to how much money I can send using Zelle?

If you want to know Zelle limits, it is better to contact directly the bank or credit union through which you are using the Zelle app. If your bank or credit union doesn’t offer Zelle service, the limit is usually $500 weekly.

What happens when Zelle payment is pending?

If the zelle transaction status is showing pending then your money is stuck due to any technical error. If your money has been debited then there is a lot of chance that the payment has been processed by the operator but there is a problem with the bank account or mobile number and email address of the recipient.

Why has my Zelle confirmed the payment but the recipient says it’s pending?

If your Zelle payment is confirmed and has not reached the recipient’s bank account that means payment status is still pending. Then it means that either you have entered the wrong mobile number and email address or the recipient is not fully registered on Zelle.

How to approve a pending request in Zelle?

To approve a Zelle pending request, open the Zelle activity screen and go to the pending tab, find a pending request and click on done.

What does it mean when Zelle says processing?

Zelle payment processing means that the payment has been processed by the sender but has not reached the bank account of the receiver, hence the payment status shows ‘processing’. Once the payment is credited to the receiver’s account, the status shows as completed.

How do I know if my Zelle payment went through?

By going to the Zelle activity screen and tapping on the transaction you want to know the status of the payment, you will know whether the payment has been completed, pending, or has been done.

Are Zelle’s pending payments included in the available balance?

Your available balance does not include any pending payment in Zelle as your money goes on hold in case the transaction is pending and the available balance does not include hold funds.

Does pending mean the money is already taken out?

A pending transaction means that your money has not been fully processed by your bank. Pending payment does not mean that your money has been taken out but the transaction is on hold due to not being processed completely. Your money will get successfully deposited in the bank account once the payment status is complete.

Can Zelle’s pending transactions be canceled?

You cannot manually cancel a Zelle pending transaction until the payment is completely failed or has been processed. But you can request cancellation of your pending payment by contacting Zelle customer support.

What happens if a Zelle pending transaction expired?

In most cases, your Zelle transaction expires due to the recipient not being fully enrolled on Zelle, which takes up to 14 days. After that, you need to do the transaction again.

Zelle Pending Payment ‘Conclusion’

In this article, I have tried to give Zelle Payment pending review in detail. In this post, we have covered why your Zelle payment is pending, what happens when Zelle payment is pending, how to check pending payment status, how long does it take to clear a pending transaction and how to cancel a pending payment in Zelle.

I hope you liked this effort of ours. If you found this guide useful, do share it on social media as well. If you have any query related to zelle pending payment then definitely ask in below comment box.


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