Zelle Payment Pending Bank of America Review (2022)

BOA Zelle payment pending because the recipient may not be enrolled on Zelle, entered the wrong email id or mobile number, the Zelle app or bank servers are down, and maybe some technical error.

Zelle Payment Pending Bank of America Review

Are you facing Zelle payment pending issue with bank of America?

Do you want a detailed review of Zelle pending transaction and payment on hold with bank of America?

Want to fix this BOA Zelle pending transaction error then this article will be very useful for you.

In this post, we will tell you all the important reasons and solutions why your bank of America Zelle payment status showing ‘Pending‘ and how to fix this problem.

Why is my Zelle payment pending bank of America?

Zelle payment is pending with bank of America because the receiver doesn’t register with Zelle, BOA servers are down, slow Internet connection, or maybe you made a payment on holiday.

Below we have mentioned all the reasons why is my Zelle payment pending with bank of America issue–

1. Recipient doesn’t enroll on Zelle

If a sender sent payment to a recipient who doesn’t enroll on the Zelle platform then it is likely to show pending transaction status in your Zelle account.

In this case, your payment will be debited from your account and not reached the receiver’s bank account. It is because the person you’re trying to send the money to is not available to take payment.

Some people use the bank of America online net banking services but don’t have an account with Zelle. So if you transfer money to a non-Zelle user from your Zelle app then the pending payment error is very common.

2. International transaction

International transactions could be another reason for Zelle pending payment bank of America issue.

You must know that Zelle is a peer-to-peer payment service portal that is only available for USA users. So if you paid money to a non-USA mobile number then your account will show Zelle pending status with the bank of America.

3. Bank of America or Zelle servers down

Another reason for BOA Zelle payment hold or pending is the server down issue. Sometimes Zelle and bank servers are down because of too many heavy transactions.

Although bank of America has one of the best online banking servers still its bank servers are down.

The main reason for the Zelle payment hold is too much user traffic which is more than the capacity of bank app servers.

4. Zelle Account Flagged

If you are sent money to someone whose account is blocked by Zelle then your account will show pending payment status.

Often Zelle bans those accounts in which it gets some suspicious or invalid activity. Also, some users create accounts on the Zelle app but do not do any transactions for a very long time.

So make sure to know that the recipient account must be active before you transfer any payment. So yes, this is one more reason why your bank of America Zelle payment is pending.

5. Transferred money on a Bank holiday

You must know how many bank holidays are there in the USA. If you do a money transfer on a non-business day then your Zelle payment will go on hold.

This transaction can take 3-4 days to be credited into the receiver’s bank account. In some cases, boa Zelle pending could take up to 14 days or two weeks.

Make sure to do payment after 7pm EST on a working day not weekends to avoid pending transaction. Payment could delay and funds get stuck if you transfer money from Zelle on a holiday.

6. Slow internet connection

Another reason for Zelle bank of America pending payment is slow internet. If you have not a access of fast internet connection then please do not try to send money on Zelle.

Slow internet can cause pending payment issues with the Zelle app. Make sure to have a strong wifi or internet connection when you do any transaction on the Zelle platform.

7. Technical error with Zelle or Bank app

If you do not have any error from the above points then maybe there will be a technical error from the company’s end. This Zelle issue often comes with not only bank of America but also top USA banks like Wells Fargo, Chase, CitiBank, etc.

A technical issue is not your mistake so don’t worry. Your Zelle money will be refunded or credited to the recipient’s bank account when the technical issue will be resolved.

So this was the final reason for Zelle pending payment issue.

How to fix Zelle payment pending issue bank of America?

Use these ways to fix Zelle pending payment with bank of America;

  • Send money to only USA phone numbers.
  • Don’t do Zelle payment on holidays.
  • Update the Zelle app.
  • Make payment on only business days.
  • Use a fast internet of Wifi.
  • Enter the correct Email or Mobile number.
  • Contact Zelle customer service.
  • Cancel your pending payment.
  • Ask the Zelle team for payment return.

These were some tips to fix Zelle pending payment problem with banks like; bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase etc.

How long does Zelle pending review take bank of America?

Usually, Zelle pending payment review takes 3-5 business days with bank of America. Your Zelle pending transaction can take a long time up to 14 days to credit money into the recipient’s account.

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How to cancel a pending Zelle payment Bank of America?

Steps to cancel boa pending payment on Zelle;

  1. Open Zelle app or Boa mobile banking app.
  2. Go to Zelle activity page.
  3. Check out the payment page.
  4. Click on the transaction you want to cancel.
  5. Click on ‘Cancel This Payment

Your Zelle pending payment will be canceled and funds will be transferred to your account.

You must know that you can’t cancel a pending transaction if the recipient is enrolled with Zelle. In this case, your payment amount will be transferred to the recipient’s account and can’t be canceled.

Zelle payment on hold review Bank of America

If you’re using Zelle through the bank of America online mobile banking and facing a ‘Zelle payment on hold‘ issue then contact the Zelle customer support team.

If you send money to a non-enrolled Zelle user then your payment can go on hold. In that case, your fund will be deducted from your bank of America available account balance but not reached to receiver’s account. When the recipient enrolls on Zelle, your hold funds will be released and credited to the recipient’s account.

If the recipient does not register on Zelle within 14 days of the transaction, there may be a big problem in getting the payment refunded. In that case, your fund can get stuck for a long time.

So always make sure to ask your recipient if they enrolled on Zelle only then send the amount. It is very important to confirm first before transferring your money.

Follow these tips to avoid the Zelle payment hold review–

  • Always double check entered mobile number and Email address.
  • Confirm that your recipient must be enrolled with Zelle.
  • Made payment on only business days.
  • Your recipient account must be active.
  • The recipient has access to their email and phone.

Zelle Pending payment review Bank of America

If your Zelle account is stuck on pending then to fix this issue enter the correct details, use a good internet connection, made Zelle payment on only business days, and not do an international transaction.

You can try these proven methods to solve Zelle pending errors with Bank of America or other banks.

‘A pending review means that your payment amount is under review on the bank or Zelle servers. After the review of your payment bank will complete your transfer within minutes.’

If your Zelle payment showing under review then wait until the Zelle team will clear your pending transaction. Pending payment will get sorted out in under 14 days, normally it takes 3 days to clear your transaction.

FAQ’s About Zelle Pending Review Bank of America

Why is my Zelle transaction under review bank of America?

Your Zelle transaction shows under review because maybe you’ve entered the wrong details. In this case, your payment amount will be transferred to the wrong person’s bank account. After this mistake to get your money returned will be very difficult.

Can I stop a pending transaction with bank of America?

You can only stop pending transaction with bank of America if your bank trusts you. To do this you have to contact directly to your bank branch executive and explain your problem. Also, tell them the reason why you want to stop Zelle’s pending transaction.

Can I cancel a pending transfer in bank of America?

To cancel a pending transfer in bank of America, open your pending payment history and click on the payment you want to cancel, and choose the ‘cancel this payment’ option. Your Zelle payment will be canceled with bank of America.

Can bank of America reverse a Zelle transfer?

You can only reverse your Zelle payment by contacting your bank. If you give them a solid reason to reverse the bank of America Zelle payment, the support team will try to reverse your money. Must know that it is not easy to return your money when you want to reverse payment.

Bank of America Zelle pending payment review ‘conclusion’

In 2022, so many people are facing pending payment issues on the Zelle platform. As you know Zelle is a popular peer-to-peer network to send and receive money with only the recipient’s mobile number and email address. Day by day the number of transactions is increasing on the Zelle app or website. Because of too many transactions, Zelle servers often go down. It will result in issues like pending payment, payment on hold, payment failure, and other errors.

These Zelle issues do not only come with Bank of America but almost all the biggest US banks like Wells Fargo, Chase bank, and Citibank.

In this post, we tried to give you a detailed Zelle pending payment bank of America review. Also, we have talked about many reasons and solutions for why my Zelle payment is pending.

I hope you get some useful insights from this article. If you’re still facing Zelle pending payment problem then try to use the above methods.

Also if you know about any different solution to fix this Zelle pending transaction error then write it down in the comment below.

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