7 (BEST) Metaverse Coin On CoinDCX | Metaverse Coin List On CoinDCX Exchange

Metaverse coin on Coindcx exchange to invest in (2022) Here is the list of Top Best Metaverse crypto tokens and projects which can change the world.

Ever since Facebook changed its name to the META platform, this virtual world named ‘Metaverse’ is being discussed everywhere. Apart from Facebook, big brands like Microsoft and Epic Games are engaged in developing the Metaverse.

Big gaming companies and even normal people are investing a lot of money in buying digital assets like Virtual Lands through popular NFT marketplaces like Binance and OpenSea.

But why?

Because it is being said that Metaverse is such a future technology based on Web 3.0 and blockchain, here everything will be decentralized and people will be able to do all the work in this virtual world like in the real world.

And if this happens in the future, then those who have invested money in it will become very rich.

The easiest and most popular way to invest in Metaverse is to buy Metaverse coins through a crypto exchange.

Now the question comes that after all, which are the best Metaverse projects and crypto coins, which can increase their price significantly in the future if you buy them in 2022, and from which cryptocurrency exchange you can buy these Metaverse tokens?

Well, there are many trusted crypto exchanges in India like; Wazirx, Binance, Coindcx, Coinbase, Coinswitch kuber, etc.

But today I am going to tell you about the Top Best Metaverse coin on CoinDCX because As you know, Coindcx is India’s one of the BEST and most trusted crypto exchanges, and all the tokens given below have a lot of potentials that contributes a lot to the metaverse revolution.

So let’s know—

Best Metaverse Coin On Coindcx Exchange

Metaverse coin on coindcx

Before you know about the Metaverse coin list on the Coindcx exchange, you must know exactly What metaverse is?

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a digital space in which you can do all the things like in the real world, whether it is playing with family and friends, having office meetings, traveling, or shopping, you can in this digital world.

This virtual platform is built by combining Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in which there will be cryptocurrency transactions to buy and sell things so that everything will be decentralized.

You have to wear a given headset to access Metaverse. Currently, Meta’s “Oculus quest” headset is considered the most affordable, priced at $299, and is quite expensive in comparison to other headsets.

Some Key Points To Know About Metaverse Coins :

  • In the future Metaverse, NFT (Non-Fungible Token), and Web 3.0 are all these emerging technologies that are going to revolutionize not only the Internet but the whole world.
  • If a lot of people spent most of their time in this virtual reality world of Metaverse then each business sector would need virtual space to do business in the metaverse.
  • In the future people will be able to buy and sell digital assets through NFT and Metaverse crypto coins in this virtual world in which all transactions will be done through cryptocurrencies.
  • Microsoft has already acquired Activision Blizzard to rule the gaming sector.
  • As all businesses come to the metaverse, the demand for Metaverse tokens will also increase, which will increase the price of Metaverse coins and ultimately benefit crypto investors, and that is why people want to invest in the Metaverse Project right now.

Now let us know about all the Metaverse tokens available on Coindcx one by one.

1. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland i.e. MANA is a very useful Metaverse project that allows Ethereum smart contract and its token type is Native ERC-20.

This platform is designed for content creators, businesses, and people who want to do gaming or entertainment. If you are a content creator then you can monetize your content on this platform.

In Decentraland you can buy virtual land online and create digital real estate on it and earn a lot of money by renting it to businesses. I will not tell you here about the all-time high price, supply, and market cap of this coin because you will find these things anywhere on the internet and it keeps changing with time.

This is one of the best metaverse crypto projects that you will find available on the coindcx exchange, if you want you can invest in this token in 2022.

2. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is a trading game based on blockchain technology that works on the concept of Proof Of Work. In this game you have to buy cute pets called “Axie” and when their price increases you can sell your axie as NFT. You can also call this game as Axie trading game.

All transactions in this game are done through AXS tokens. You can sell the different body parts of the axie you bought in this game on the NFT Marketplace. As you know that the price of this axis is very high, so you can buy them and give them on rent to people.

This Metaverse token is also going to be very popular in the future, so if you want, you can invest in it now.

3. The Sandbox (SAND)

Like Decentraland, you can also buy virtual plots through the Sandbox platform, develop your own virtual game and charge people a ticket to play it.

Sand native token is a virtual gaming world based on blockchain technology that works on proof of stake concept. You can also buy, sell and create digital assets on this platform.

The market cap of this crypto project is also in a very good position. If we talk about the price prediction of this token, then as the demand for virtual plots increases in the future, the SAND token will automatically become popular and the price of the SAND coin will also change accordingly.

4. Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin is an ERC-20 token project based on Ethereum that helps to simplify the use of NFTs for business brands and individuals. This is a huge project in the blockchain gaming space to play to earn.

This crypto token helps developers who create blockchain and NFT based games, they will be able to use ENJ coins in the games.

If more and more NFT games are created on this network in the coming time, then only ENJ tokens will be used in all of the transactions so the price of this coin will increase.

So if you are interested in this metaverse crypto project then you can buy it in 2022 through coindcx exchange.

5. SushiSwap (SUSHI)

SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Ethereum blockchain network. This crypto project provides an opportunity to trade crypto assets without any mediator for which it uses smart contract technology.

You can use this token to trade one cryptocurrency for another digital currency, for which the project uses Uniswap’s Automated Market Maker model.

If you are positive about this Metaverse coin and you think that there will be demand for this technology in the future, then you can buy and keep this token as well.


Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a blockchain-based Metaverse project that helps brands to launch their own NFT collections.

This Blockchain project works on the ‘Proof of Stake’ system which is completely eco-friendly. Transactions through this exchange do not require any type of supercomputer, from which green carbon-free NFT is minted which is not harmful to the environment at all.

Through the WAX ​​platform, brands can create and upgrade their dapps, video games, and marketplaces. Its WAX cloud wallet keeps all your NFT collectibles, dapps, video games safe and makes buying, selling, and trading of NFT collections easy.

This project is much better for the environment than the rest of the metaverse project and is also carbon-free. So it can prove to be very useful in the future and if you invest in this coin at this time then you can get a lot of profit in future.

7. Theta Network (Theta)

It is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer network designed for video streaming. Through this platform, app developers can create decentralized applications.

The main objective of this metaverse project is to solve the problem of the video streaming sector for which it uses blockchain technology.

Steve Chen, the co-founder of the Theta platform, says that with this project he will disrupt the traditional video industry in the same way as YouTube did. According to him, this peer-to-peer network is going to be the next evolution of the video streaming space.

If we look at the future point of view, then this metaverse coin can also achieve great heights and if you want, you can invest some part of your portfolio in this coin.

Keep These Things In Mind Before Buying Metaverse Coin From Coindcx

  • Before buying any Metaverse crypto coin, check its market capitalization.
  • Any metaverse crypto token you buy must have a strong use case.
  • Remember don’t buy any metaverse cryptocurrency at its peak price. If a meme coin is trading at its all-time high price then waits for it to come down and you can buy a part of it if it corrects a bit.
  • Before buying any coin, find out what is the launch date of that coin, when did coin’s ICO (Initial coin offering) come, who is its founder and what problem is it solving? When you get the answer to all these questions only then invest in that coin.
  • It doesn’t matter from which crypto exchange you buy coin whether it is Coindcx or coinbase ventures, binance smart chain or wazirx it just means that crypto exchange doesn’t matter then only the above-mentioned things and that project in which you are investing.

List Of Metaverse Coin On Coindcx Exchange

  1. Decentraland (MANA)
  2. The Sandbox (SAND)
  3. Axie Infinity (AXS)
  4. Enjin Coin (ENJ)
  5. SushiSwap (SUSHI)
  6. WAX (WAXP)
  7. Theta Network (THETA)

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FAQ’s Related Metaverse Coin List On Coindcx

What are metaverse cryptocurrency tokens?

These are crypto tokens that will be used to buy digital assets in this virtual world of the metaverse.

What currency will be used in the metaverse?

Only those digital currencies will be used to buy and sell any goods in Metaverse’s virtual reality space, which is the project currently working on developing Metaverse and we have told you everything about them in this list above.

What kind of coin do you need to invest in?

In the above list, we have given you a list of many metaverse crypto coins available on coindcx, by investing in which you can become a part of the metaverse revolution in a way that means if metaverse becomes very popular then your money will also grow

Top Best Metaverse Coin List On Coindcx Exchange To Invest In 2022

The crypto market is quite volatile, in which you get to see innovations every day, due to which the price of a cryptocurrency goes up a lot at once and also comes down in a jiffy. For example, you see that the Shiba Inu coin has made many crypto investors rich in the last year, and now maybe it is also preparing to introduce a metaverse crypto token.

We have created this Metaverse Coin List on Coindcx by doing very deep research but before buying any token, do your research once on that project.

So if you are very excited to invest in metaverse tokens then I recommend you to research the above-given metaverse coins and if you invest by doing good research on these coins then no one can stop you from becoming rich in the future.

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