Why Metamask not showing balance? (SOLVED)— Step By Step

Are you also facing the ‘Metamask not showing balance problem? Or it may be that the account balance of your Metamask wallet is showing zero.

If you also want to solve this troubleshooting issue then you have come to the right place.

Today I will tell you why sometimes the balance does not display in Metamask wallet when we do transactions and how you can show your balance in the Metamask wallet browser.

Let’s know―

Why is Metamask not showing balance?

Metamask not showing balance
Metamask not showing ETH Token balance

This problem mostly comes to new crypto users. Like many times when you transact ETH on Ethereum mainnet, it does not display in your Matamask wallet. There can be many reasons for this, which we will tell you below.

Apart from this, the tokens of some people show 0 on the Metamask web extension or the app, but when they can by entering the contract address on etherscan or BSC scan (Binance smart chain scan), they see their token balance there.

So why does this problem come? And what is its solution?

Do not worry, I have told you some ways to solve this Metamask problem below.

  • Token Balance May be Outdated or Out of sync

Metamask balance not showing

If your ETH balance is showing zero in orange color then it may be that your token balance is outdated due to network connectivity or any kind of permissions.

You can follow the steps given below to solve this error.

  • If you have installed the Chrome extension of Metamask, then in the top right side of your browser you will see an icon like a fox which will be the extension of Metamask, you have to click on it.
  • Now you have to click on the ‘This can read and change site data’ option.
  • Why Metamask wallet not displaying correct balance
  • After this, you have to click on ‘On all sites’.
  • Metamask balance may be outdated
  • You have to refresh your browser or close it and Re-open it.
  • You will see that your original token balance will start appearing.

If still your problem is not solved then you can ‘Submit a request for assistance on the top-right corner of this site.

Solution of the same problem you can check here.

Some more great methods to solve this problem are mentioned below―

  • Metamask received ETH but the balance shows Zero (‘0’)

Metamask token balance not appearing

Sometimes you got this issue when you send the ETH from binance or any Crypto exchange using ERC20 your Metamask wallet address.

And if you check on etherscan its shows that the transaction was successful.

But your token balance on Metamask is showing ‘0’

So in this situation what you can do?

This issue often comes on Binance smart chain (BSC) where your USDC coins balance appears ‘0’

So if you are also transferred some ETH in your metamask wallet. But after a successful transaction when you see on metamask chrome extension there is a ‘0’ account balance.

Usually, this problem can come on Metamask web browser extension or mobile app.

To resolve this issue you can follow below simple steps:

  • Try to clear browser cache

Sometimes this problem comes due to unwanted gathered in your chrome browser. It’s not only on chrome browser but also Firefox for brave browser.

  1. All you have to do is to clear the cache of your current browser.
  2. After clear, the cache tries to open the metamask wallet again.
  3. If you are using the metamask Android mobile app then you can go to settings and choose the metamask application and then click on the clear cache button.
  4. And you can also close and then restart your browser.

Why is Metamask balance not displaying

If your Metamask wallet is still not showing the correct balance after you have purchased or deposited some ETH balance in your metamask wallet but it is not reflected in your account.

Some people still facing a problem that their amount of ETH token value displaying incorrectly.

Maybe you are using pancakeswap exchange and your balance is not showing this problem usually comes on pancakeswap or Uniswap decentralized exchange.

At that time some people are just randomly thinking that their wallet may be attacked by someone and they lost their access.

It may be but you have to be very careful.

Also, you can try to apply the below simple steps—

  • Locking your balance
  • Reset Account
  • Close and Login again
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Metamask
  • Refresh Metamask wallet

But remember before taking any of these steps, keep your ‘Seed Phrases‘ and ‘Private Key‘ of your metamask account in a safe place.

You can write down these seed phrases and private keys on any physical paper rather than your laptop notepad or any online document.

Because it can be dangerous to your privacy if you wrote down your private keys on your online documents.

So always remember this one thing before taking any above steps.

But how you can reset your metamask account?

Follow these simple steps—

  • If you are using the chrome extension of metamask then click on it, and you are using the mobile app then you have to click on the hamburger icon on the top left menu.
  • Now you have to click on ‘settings
  • Then choose the Advanced option
  • Finally, you have to scroll down and you will see the reset account option so click on it to reset your account.
  • But when you reach your account you have to need to add any RPC network or custom tokens. These are the tokens that you previously added to your wallet.

Maybe after taking these steps ‘Your metamask balance problem will be solved.

Otherwise, you can also try this one—

  • Switching networks

If you are using the ethereum mainnet then you can switch the network to Binance smart chain manner.

Or if you are using polygon or any network like moving to Ropsten test network.

Maybe after these steps, your ‘Metamask balance not showing problem’ will be solved.

If you completed all these steps like— reloading chrome, switching networks, reset account but any of these methods didn’t work and you are still facing a ‘0’ balance problem.

Then what you can do?

If these methods are not working then for your privacy and security you can ‘Submit a support ticket to the metamask contact team.

If you don’t know much about support tickets then I tell you that ‘A support ticket is a ticket by which you can receive assistance via email from the support team.’

It is also the most private and secure way to receive an assistant who will solve your one-on-one questions.

When you submit a support ticket you have to attach your public address and any outgoing Txs in question.

You can also try to follow below last another method to show your token balance on Metamask wallet—

  • If you are using its Android mobile app then open the app and click on the top left menu.
  • Then click on the browser option.
  • On the next screen, in the search bar type Uniswap.org and click on search.
  • Now click on the launch app button.
  • Under the swap, you will ETH option so click on it.
  • Add dropdown will be opened in which you have to select the token for those you want to find value. (You can also search the name of your token)
  • On the next screen, you will see the value but under that, you have to click on the Max option, after that which will be converted into a red oval shape.
  • Click on select a token and type the name of your token like ‘USDC’ and search.
  • Finally, you will see the original amount value of your token.

Now after completing this process whenever you open your metamask mobile app then you will see your token balance correctly.

So this is the method for the mobile app now comes on to PC method means If you are using metamask web extension then follow below steps—

  • First of all, you need the contract address of your token.
  • So to find the contract address, open Coinmarketcap or Coingeko website and then search your token name.
  • After a search, On the top left side, you will see the contract address of your token, copy this address for further process.
  • If your token is not listed on Coingeko then you can also try this same process on etherscan.
  • After the item click on metamask extension.
  • Then Click on ‘Add Token’
  • Then click on add custom token.
  • Now paste your copied contract address (after pasting, you will see your token symbol) and then click on the Next button.
  • On the next screen, you can see your token balance, finally, click on ‘Add token’.
  • So the next time, when you open the Metamask wallet your token balance will be shown on the main screen.

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FAQs (Metamask not showing Balance and Transaction)

Why is my metamask wallet not showing the correct balance?

You can try to restart your browser, clear cache, refresh your wallet, or switch network to display the correct token balance.

What I can do if my metamask account balance not showing correctly?

If your transaction and balance are not appearing in your metamask wallet then you can try the above methods.

Why is the metamask wallet USDT balance not showing on pancakeswap?

If your Pancakeswap tokens balance is showing correctly, it may be because your balance is outdated so you can update your wallet, and also you can try the methods given in this post.

Conclusion on ‘Metamask not showing balance’

In this post, I try to give you full information regarding your query: Why is Metamask not showing balance?

I hope you find the information given in this post useful.

If you have any questions then you can comment below.

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