Why is the Metaverse Bad for Humanity? (17 Reasons)

Is the metaverse bad for humanity, How it will affect our society and human interactions, What will be the impact of the metaverse in the future? what are the reasons which clarify that metaverse is not good for humanity? Let’s discuss—

As you know, if something is very good, then there must be some drawbacks to it, whether it is a people, a machine or a country. That is why we should neither consider anything too good nor should we reject it completely.

The metaverse has been a topic of discussion for some time, some people are saying that this is the next evolution of the Internet, while some people are considering it as bad for humanity,

but what is the TRUTH?

Is the metaverse good or bad for people and society and what effect can it have on humanity?

Living in this digital world of virtual reality will be beneficial or harmful for people?

If you want to know that when the virtual world of the metaverse enters our life, then to what extent it can capture us?

Or will people be able to make their lives easier by this?

Today in this post you will know in detail why the metaverse can have a bad effect on humanity?

for this, we have told many reasons with examples, which you must know, so let’s know―

Is the Metaverse Bad for Humanity?

Is metaverse bad for humanity

Is the virtual space named metaverse going to be a threat to humanity?

If yes then Why?

What are the reasons which prove that the digital environment and virtual experiences can ruin people’s lives in the future?

Today we are going to discuss this topic.

Of course, many people are working in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality space, they must be already aware of many things given in this article to a large extent but being a metaverse user, you will be given a lot of information in this post. All the important points must be known.

Why the metaverse is bad for humanity? Let us know one by one all the reasons―

It’s not safe enough for females

Is the metaverse bad for humanity, Metaverse not safe for women female avatar

Some time ago an unfortunate incident happened in the virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds of Meta (former Facebook).

In which a girl wearing Meta’s Oculus Quest VR headset entered the Horizon worlds as her female avatar.

But after some time he saw that group of male avatars came near her and started harassing her sexually and groping his chest.

Then when that girl tried to stop them and defended herself, they said that this is metaverse, here you cannot do anything, anything can happen here.

But this is not the only incident, but apart from this, many times in this virtual space, such incidents have been seen before.

In which cases of sexual harassment with female avatars have come to be heard.

It is clear from incidents like this that the companies developing the metaverse need to do more work on safety and privacy.

Because if this continues, the metaverse will never be a safe place.

Now let’s know the second reason―

Metaverse is Harmful because Anyone can do Anything

Is the metaverse bad for humanity and society

As you saw above, in the metaverse everyone is completely free to do anything, no single company has control over it.

You would know that it works on blockchain technology which is completely decentralized, meaning there is no government control over it.

If something wrong happens to you in this virtual environment, then you cannot complain to anyone because there is no regulatory body like the police which is sitting to listen to your complaint.

All these things taken into account, we see the downside of the metaverse’s bad effect on society and humanity.

No control of government

Is the metaverse bad for humanity: it affects our lives

This virtual universe is currently controlled by a select few companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Meta and they are spending billions of dollars to fully establish their monopoly in this VR space.

But some experts and developers say that the metaverse should be regulated by the government.

Just as if a website publishes some wrong content on the Internet, then the government has banned it.

In the same way, the metaverse should also be regulated by the government.

If this is not regulated, then it will be a kind of open internet that will be owned only by the world’s largest and most powerful technology companies.

But if the government sets its own rules and standards on this, then we can curb incidents like “cyber sexually molested” with women avatars.

Tracking Misbehavior is very Difficult

Is the metaverse bad for humanity and not good for society

The bad behavior of digital avatars in Meta’s metaverse is becoming alarming. After many cases of online harassment, it is being considered unsafe for women avatars.

Some people are shifting to Microsoft’s Mess platform by calling Facebook’s Horizon worlds bad.

In both places, you can do virtual meetings, hang out, work, play, learn and have immersive digital interactions with people in virtual space.

Some people don’t want to use the metaverse system simply because they fear that every virtual activity they do will be tracked.

These companies will store their good or bad behavior in their data.

It is also claimed that if you spend a few years in the metaverse, then these companies will collect so much of your data that even if you go out of it, then your virtual avatar will be in place of you in this digital space.

  • Your gestures,
  • your thinking,
  • your way of working,
  • your digital experience,

All the data that is already stored in that virtual avatar, so your digital avatar can work in your place even when you are not there.

From one angle, there is no harm in storing your virtual experience and digital data by these companies as it is used for your benefit.

For example, when you open Facebook or YouTube, you see the main feed videos or posts of your interest.

This is because companies track every single digital movement so that they can provide you with accurate results.

If it was not tracking your data then you too would not enjoy running social media platforms at all and neither would companies have an advantage,

Then by collecting your data for companies, it will be a winning situation between you and the companies.

That’s why there is no harm in it.

But there is a PROBLEM….

In the virtual environment when there is some misbehavior with someone and the data or name of the criminal is not even known, but why does this happen?

Do companies make mistakes in collecting the data where they are now or the technology has not advanced enough to store the data of all the digital avatars…

Well, it’s nothing like that!

Companies track the data of all avatars, but some people who come to this virtual world for the wrong purpose, block the data tracking of companies, due to which their digital ID is not known because tracking by any digital avatar.

After blocking the ID, it becomes impossible for companies to track his data, so he can do anything with anyone in this virtual world by wearing VR goggles.

And it’s also one of the reasons why the metaverse is not good for humanity to some extent.


Realtime incidents not Recorded

Is the metaverse bad for humanity

What we told you above, in which a 29-year-old man tried to sexually harass a woman, but no one could find it.

This happened because no real-time event is recorded in the metaverse and there are downsides as well which have become a huge threat to humanity.

Because the the-time incident had been recorded in it, then the culprit would have been detected.

And this would have reduced such criminal cases in the virtual world.

Although Nike and McDonald’s are entering big brands, no one is insisting on recording real-time virtual events.

It may be because it will require a lot of data and the server cost will also be very expensive for the companies, but it is necessary because it can prevent many cases like women rape and child abuse in the metaverse.

If this is not done then metaverse bad effect can be seen on our society and humanity.

You can not complain to any regulatory body

Is metaverse bad for humanity beacuse we face problrms with metaverse

The way some criminal incident happens to you in the real world, then you can go to the police station and complain or fight your case in court and you can get justice.

Whereas in this immersive digital world, if something goes wrong with you, then unfortunately your chances of getting justice are very less.

Which represents the Dark Side of the metaverse.

And that is why Harassment, assaults, bullying, and hate speech spread rapidly in this virtual reality world, in which big companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple are engaged.

Bad behavior has also been seen quite a few times in virtual reality called VRChat. In which cases like online bullying and unwanted touches have become quite common.

Digital interaction in this virtual space feels so real that when someone gropes you, they feel like someone in the real world is treating you.

The reason for such cases in Meta’s Horizon worlds has been told to Mark Zuckerberg because he has not put any software to record real-time incidents in it, so it is not possible to catch the culprit and that is why people on the internet are clamping down on him.

That’s why some people are saying that the Oculus Quest headset is not designed with safety and privacy in mind, but because it is the most affordable VR headset, it is used more than other VR goggles.

But in the virtual world, incidents of ill-treatment of any avatar are coming to the fore day by day, so all the companies should come together to solve this problem.

And because till now no company’s virtual world records real-time virtual events, it becomes easier for criminals to commit crimes in it and no one can catch anything, so this is also one of the reasons why the metaverse is bad for humanity.

You could have Face sexually explicit content

Is the metaverse bad for humanity,

Every human being has the freedom to do everything in a virtual environment. No one in this is made by the laws of physics, so the possibilities in this are unlimited. To some people, it shows the bright side of the VR space, but it also includes a lot of flaws.

No one is going to stop you here.

So everyone can easily do things that are a crime to do in the real world. In a digital environment, anyone can create their virtual community and create sexually explicit content that can prove to be harmful and problematic incidents for minors.

To solve all these problems META has also taken several steps like;

  • To protect children from such bad contact,
  • creating their account on oculus quest has been banned.
  • It also bought Population One developer Bigbox VR in June.

Let us tell you that Population one is the same virtual reality video game in which a lady was abused and she also complained to Facebook. To avoid this, the company had advised using the ‘Safe Zone’ feature of the bodysuit.

Metaverse full Bodysuit can be Harmful, Not Useful

Bad behavior in the metaverse

A VR headset is not enough to make the virtual experience and digital interaction in the Metaverse like real life, but you also need to wear a full-body suit and Virtual Robotic VR Gloves to;

  • feel the touch,
  • feel sensations,
  • and vibrations in the virtual world.

All these Metaverse-enabling products and futuristic technology allow you to interact better in the digital environment.

But HaptX, a startup company that makes VR gloves, in its statement termed this prototype as ‘substantively identical‘ to its own patented technology.

This technology is so advanced that the internal sensors embedded in it can track the winding and movement of your finger.

It works like a VR controller with a built-in camera tracking your movement, such as when you spread your palm on the same surface or hold a subject.

With which the real scene and weight of that object can be known through ‘simulated touch’. In this, when you come into contact with objects in the real world, audio, and visual cues signal your brain to interact with virtual sensations.

Of course, all this virtual equipment is quite impressive.

But they also have a Downside

Some people use these technologies like; Head to toe VR gear, misuse of sense of touch, and cases like molestations in a virtual environment is also possible with the help of these techniques.

That’s why consumers of all these technologies of the Meta ecosystem are expressing concern over the privacy of Metaverse products.

So this is also a strong reason for the metaverse to be bad for humanity.

It’s Bad for your Physical Health

Metaverse not good for humanity and society, also not good for physical and mental health

After the dominance of this technology,

  • There will be digital communication instead of physical communication.
  • There will be digital activity instead of physical activity.
  • Virtual meetings will replace physical meetings
  • Instead of online education, there will be virtual education,
  • People will give importance to virtual relationships more than real relationships.

Due to all these, your physical health may have to struggle a lot, you may have to face many challenges in your relationship too.

The biggest example of this is social media, Facebook and WhatsApp have connected us with the world but our real interaction has been lost.

And now a step ahead of this, the world of virtual interaction is emerging in which everything will happen in an AR/VR environment instead of the real environment.

And it can have a bad effect on your physical health, so this is also one of the reasons why the metaverse can be bad for humanity.

Affect Your Mental Health

Is the Metaverse bad for humanity

Unlimited immersive interactions, digital socializing, and virtual gaming will keep you addicted to the metaverse.

You will be a part of the next evolution of the Internet, instead of buying products from the market, you will go to virtual stores and order goods, you will never need to leave your home.

Just as online shopping has disrupted physical shopping, in the same way virtual shopping is going to be its second form.

Right now when you go to the online e-commerce store and buy a product, you are not able to touch and feel it,

But this will not happen in virtual shopping… That also can be ordered from home.

Mc Donald has already made preparations to open its virtual store on the metaverse to do food delivery. Meaning you will not need apps like Zomato and Swiggy to order food, rather you can order food at your home by staying in a virtual space.

Yes, Real Food

Which will be delivered to your home from the virtual world.

  • You will not need to go anywhere whether it is shopping or meeting.
  • playing with friends or going to the office,
  • Going on tour or traveling by air,
  • you will be able to do all this comfortably by sitting at one place in your home.

But the downside of this is that your mental health will have to bear a lot of pressure because you will be giving hundreds of digital signals to your brain by sitting in one place all the time.

That is why if it remains within the limit then it is good for humanity and society or else it can become a big threat.

It’s Not Good for Children

Why Metaverse is not good for humanity and children

Parents should keep their children away from this virtual space because very sensitive content is often shown in it which can have a bad effect on the children’s mental health.

  • The biggest example of this is the Roblox game, with half of the 150 million users being 13-year-olds.

Children have become very addicted to this game because in this they have free freedom to do anything anywhere. In this, you can create your games at will, which any other user can play.

This gaming platform works like digital social media for young children in which they keep interacting with children of their age.

In this platform too, cases like inappropriate language and indecent behavior with children have come to the fore.

And this is the reason why Facebook’s Oculus VR app does not allow children under the age of 13 to create accounts on this virtual app.

Whereas in Roblox, this type of digital identification and age verification is not required. That’s why anyone can play this game for any purpose.

That’s why we put this reason also like the bad behavior and danger of metaverse to humanity and society.

Metaverse will be Too Addictive

Is the metaverse bad for humanity

We have discussed this point in brief above but you need to know some questions related to it and their answers like;

Is virtual reality addictive?

Yes of course it is addictive! I would say that it is not only addictive but also harmful and inevitable.

When your dependence on digital addiction becomes excessive, it takes over the mind and mental health of any person.

By using it excessively, society and humanity may have to face a very serious harmful situation.

Because it will make you so addicted that you will need dopamine, the neurotransmitter that makes you feel good all the time as you will only find it in the virtual reality world.

Mental health issues like depression, irritability, stress, will arise due to the increase of virtual addictions.

Not only this, if it becomes too addictive then incidents like mental disorders and hallucinations can also happen with you. (That’s why virtual reality companies are working on creating digital wellness applications)

That is why it becomes very important to include this cause in the list of threats to the society and humanity of the metaverse.

Metaverse can be a Dystopian Society

Metaverse is not good for society and humanity

  • But what is a dystopian society like?
  • How is it different from a utopian society?
  • And will metaverse flop or fail in the future?

A utopian country means a place where there is an atmosphere of happiness and peace around which society and people are happy.

Whereas a dystopian society is just the opposite, in which devastation is all around.

These words were used by Neil Stephenson in his novel ‘Snow Crash‘ and the term metaverse was also first used in this book.

  • For example, you must have seen Ready Player One or Matrix movie in which artificial intelligence becomes more powerful than people and takes over the whole world.

So the question is;

Is the Metaverse a Dystopia?

According to The Guardian, the metaverse for business appears to be more futuristic than dystopia.

If seen, it is neither a utopia nor a dystopia.

It depends on how people will use it. Just as the Internet is very useful for people from one point of view, some people are also using it wrongly.

That’s why it was necessary to include this point in the metaverse that is bad for humanity and society.

Virtual Social Media

Metaverse impact on humanity and our life

While video games and platforms like Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft have become a part of social and virtual interactions. On the other hand, the craze of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Virtual Lands, and Cryptocurrency is increasing among people.

So looking at all these things a question arises that;

Will the metaverse Replace social media?

It can also be suspicious as digital businesses are shifting to virtual businesses, with big brands like Nike and Addidas being examples.

Now your digital avatar will replace your profile picture in the virtual space.

But if seen, the metaverse is not a new concept, you can know about its history from the image given below.

History of metaverse journey
Source: tradebrains.in

The rebranding of the largest social media company Facebook to ‘META’ shows that Mark Zukerberg is shifting his entire focus from the social media company to becoming a metaverse company and he has announced to invest 10 billion dollars for its development.

Somewhere in this, Facebook is seeing its advantage because right now most of its revenue comes through advertisements.

But their new revenue stream will be created in the metaverse because in this all the businesses will open their virtual store and for which Facebook can charge a commission from them.

And somewhere all these things are working to replace social media.

Because this will be such a digital world in which you will be able to interact virtually with people many times more than social media.

That is why we have also included this point in this list of why the metaverse is bad for humanity and society.


Real-world interactions will be almost None

Why Metaverse is bad for society and humans

  • From playing, traveling the world, and talking to friends to having virtual meetings,
  • You will be able to do everything in the virtual world.
  • Digital interaction will replace real interaction.
  • Over time, digital interactions will become more immersive and real.
  • People will not need to go anywhere.
  • He will be able to do everything easily in the virtual world.
  • There will be a digital economy, so people will also be able to earn money through work from home.
  • Right now, the way people do meetings on Zoom software, then they will be meeting on virtual platforms like Microsoft mess on horizon workrooms.
  • Instead of video calling, people will be able to virtually interact with their family and relatives sitting far away like in the real world.

All this will be possible when metaverse technology reaches its peak level which has already started.

That’s why the chances of real-world interaction will become very low. That is why the VR world can have a bad effect on humanity and society.

Virtual gatherings replace Real social gatherings

Virtual world impact on humanity and society

In the future, all social meetings will take place in a virtual 3D environment. Virtual events, concerts, and conferences have already been held in it several times.

Millions of people attended the virtual concert that took place in Fortnite.

A couple from Tamil Nadu in India has some of Asia’s first metaverse virtual wedding in which a lot of people attended and even the bride’s father who died a long time ago but his digital avatar was present in this marriage which is only possible with the help of the metaverse.

That is why people are considering virtual gatherings as the future of social interaction.

  • With the help of the hologram, you can conduct virtual office meetings sitting at home.
  • The singer can connect with their fans in the virtual space by performing his concert from anywhere.
  • To attend all such virtual events, you will need virtual tickets, which you will have to buy in the form of NFTs.

Companies are engaged in reducing the size of VR headsets so that they can be worn for maximum time and can become comfortable for people.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes that “Hollywood Squares” styled 2-D camera image grids will shift to the metaverse in the next 2 to 3 years.

But after the implementation of all these things, real social gatherings will be negligible and that is why the bad effect of the metaverse on humanity and society can be seen in the future.

People will give importance to Virtual Relationships more than Real

Is the metaverse bad for humanity

This Truth cannot be denied.

  • An example of this is ‘smartphones‘ In the earlier times when there were no mobile phones, people used to live together and share their things physically with everyone.

But after the advent of the smartphone, people have shifted from the physical world to the Internet world.

Earlier you could only connect with the people around you but now you can easily connect with anyone in the whole world.

Therefore, if the truth is shown, then the social interaction of people has already reduced very little.

And after the arrival of the metaverse, it will increase even more.

Then people will start giving importance to virtual relationships more than real relationships.

Yaa! That’s it for today.

All the above points show the downside of the metaverse and I think it is being questioned just as every technology is initially suspected. And all these questions are bound to arise in the minds of the people. It’s very common.

Could the metaverse be bad for humanity?

Could be YES or NO. There can be no direct answer to this because every technology has its benefits and some drawbacks, just like the Internet has and something similar will happen in the metaverse as well.

What impact might the metaverse have on society in the future?

People will give more importance to their virtual avatars in the digital environment. YES, it will be addictive, but despite all these people will be able to interact with everyone in the future, whether it is their friends, family, or parents.

How will the virtual reality world affect people’s health?

It can have a profound effect on the physical and mental health of people, which we have explained in detail in this post, which you can read for more information.

Will the metaverse replace the real world?

Not the real world but will replace many things in the real world like; Physical stores will be transformed into digital stores and Zoom meetings will be replaced by virtual meetings platforms like Facebook’s Horizon Workroom and Microsoft’s Mesh platform.

Conclusion (Is the Metaverse bad for Humanity?)

When the Internet and computer were new, then even at that time people had criticized it a lot and called it very harmful and bad.

But today, with the help of the same technology, big things are being possible, which was once only an illusion and a dream for the world, today it has become a REALITY.

Similarly, if there are some good things in the metaverse, then there are also bad ones, which we should accept.

In this post (is the metaverse bad for humanity), we have told you openly about all metaverse downsides so that if you are also interested in this space then you should know this information.

I hope you find the information given in this post useful.

Finally, If you have any questions related to this post, then you can ask me in the below comment box and if you want to add any point from yourself to this list then you can also tell us.

Thank you so much for giving your valuable time. 🙏

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