How long does Zelle refund take? (In 2022)

Zelle refund takes a maximum of 10 business days to be credited funds to your bank account. And a minimum of 3 days is required to get refund money from Zelle.

Have you also been a victim of Zelle scams and want to know how long does Zelle money refund take?

If your Zelle payment is pending, failed, or expired then you would like to know how much time Zelle takes to refund your money.

If you want to get your Zelle refund faster then this article is for you.

How long does Zelle refund take?

In this post, you will know how long a Zelle refund takes and how can you get your Zelle payment refund in a minimum time. So make sure to read this guide completely.

How long do Zelle refunds take?

Zelle takes a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 10 days to refund your money. Zelle refund can take more than 10 days in some rare cases, at that time you need to contact the Zelle customer service team.

Why is Zelle taking so long to refund money?

If you initiated a payment during the holidays then Zelle will take so much long time to refund your money. Maybe your refund can take up to 10-15 business days to fully get your money back.

How to get my Zelle refund?

Here are various methods to get your money refund from Zelle;

1. Report your Zelle scam

Zelle scams are increasing day by day. When you send money to someone you don’t know you get scammed. Now we need to be more alert to fraudsters.

Scammers give you some kind of lure in return for paying you will get some special offers or great returns, in which a lot of new people get trapped.

If your had faced any scams through Zelle and want a refund of your payment then you have to report your scam to the Zelle customer service helpline.

Follow the below steps to report a Zelle scam for a refund of your money–

  1. To report a Zelle scam go to the Zelle support page.
  2. Chose a category.
  3. Now fill out the form.
  4. In this form, fill your and the recipient’s basic details.
  5. Also, you need to enter basic information about your bank or credit union.
  6. Enter the payment information.
  7. Finally, submit the form.

This is how you report a scam on Zelle.

After some time Zelle team will contact you. You have to tell them about your payment problem and ask them to refund your money. When they realize you have a genuine problem their team will investigate and initiate a refund of your Zelle payment.

2. Contact your bank

Contacting your bank is another way to get a Zelle refund. Maybe you are using Zelle through Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or Chase online banking. Some bank gives you return money service while some don’t.

If you’re using Zelle from an online banking mobile app then you must contact your bank to get a refund of your payment.

  1. To contact your bank, go to your bank’s official website and visit the help section.
  2. Now mention your payment problem and transaction details.
  3. You can also call directly to the bank branch and tell them about your issue.

After analyzing your problem, your bank will investigate your transaction. If it all goes right you will get a refund from your bank.

3. Request to reverse your Zelle payment

If you sent a payment from online banking through Zelle but the recipient doesn’t get the amount. In this case, maybe you have entered the wrong details and your fund will be transferred to another person’s account.

In this situation, you have only one option which is to reverse your Zelle payment and get your money back.

But is it possible to reverse payment on Zelle?

Frankly speaking, It is very hard to get your money back when your payment has been transferred to someone’s bank account.

I can only say one thing, contact your bank executive. Because now only your bank can help you to get your payment reversed.

Follow the below steps to reverse a Zelle payment–

  • First of all, contact your bank or directly visit your bank branch.
  • Tell them about your authorized transaction on Zelle.
  • Provide all information related to this transaction like; payment amount, recipient information, etc.
  • Request them to reverse your Zelle payment if possible.

This is how you reverse your Zelle payment.

4. Cancel your Zelle payment

You can only cancel a Zelle payment if the payment expires or you sent money to the wrong person. In both cases, you can cancel your Zelle payment and request a refund.

Here’s how you can cancel your Zelle payment;

  1. Open the Zelle app.
  2. Go to the activity page within the Zelle app.
  3. Choose your transaction.
  4. Click on ‘Cancel This Payment’

After canceling your payment, your refund will be sent to your Zelle wallet or your bank account.

Will Zelle refund money if scammed?

If you faced any Zelle scams and want a refund then immediately contact your financial institution about unauthorized suspicious activity in your Zelle account. After a complaint, your bank will verify some important details, and only then will get recover your payment.

Can you force a refund on Zelle?

You can’t force a refund on Zelle but you can try different methods to get your money back.

Can you get Zelle payment refunded?

Yes, you can get Zelle payment refunded by following the methods given in this post.

How long does Zelle refund take ‘Summary’

Now finally conclude this post.

In the first section, we talked about How long does a Zelle refund take and how you can get a refund faster.

In the second part, we discussed some methods to get a Zelle money refund.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, then you can write them down in the comment section below.


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